WS Support

A technical support service application

Project goals

We wanted to build a mobile app that would help our clients set and supervise tasks in our website support system.

Process Detailas

The most frequently used features of the tech support website were doubled in the app. It lets our clients communicate with the tech support team on the go.

The main tool at client’s disposal is the task tracker.
All progress information is displayed on cards: type of task, stage of completion, comments and ratings.

The app interface is very simple. It takes no more than 2 clicks to get to any screen inside the app.

A simple, clean and intuitive UI design allows you to quickly interact with technical support

The app also features various settings for push-notifications, account shared access, task completion statistics for selected periods.

The Result

WS Support application has improved Tech Support efficiency by 30 percent, decreasing the time spent on communication between the clients and contractors, therefore, helping to build effective and mutually beneficial relationships.