Fun Multiplication Table

An educational app for kids that teaches them prime numbers and multiplication 

Project goals

Our client wanted to build an app that would help kids learn the multiplication table, yet there were no clear defined requirements for how the final version should look like.

Process Details

We applied agile software development principles and focused on making a flexible architecture that allows in no time reorganize example patterns, generate levels and game modes.

Reduced the data to a third of its former size without any quality loss enabling the whole application to run offline

The application runs completely offline while containing about 2000 images and more than 150 audio tracks. In order to reduce the data size we split similar images with different colors into layers, so instead of 2000 images we had only 700 layers that were automatically converted into complete images. We managed to find a way to turn vector drawings, that are not supported by iOS, into bitmap with little to no quality loss.

Software-based solution converts vector images into bitmap that are supported by iOS

The app collects data about child’s performance: number of wrong and correct answers, time spent on completion etc.  Since the app had to run offline we developed a module for background synchronization with the server. Once connected to the internet all the data is automatically synchronised.

The app features various controlelements such as a progress bar,animated buttons, colorfulstatistics graphs.

In a free trial version of the app only first few levels are available the rest could be accessed after purchasing the full app.

The Result

Ultimately, our client received a mobile application that conformed to all of their requirements and which size was reduced by three times. Kids got an entertaining app that helps them learn and parents got a tool to track their progress.